Postpartum massage

My EDD is in mid December and recently started to explore more about postpartum care. Is postpartum massage necessary (for both vaginal delivery and Csec)? And is the corset / binder necessary? Any mummies can share your experience? If yes, which massage company will you recommend? #postpartum #postpartummassage #postpartummom #advicepls

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not necessary, all are good to have if you are financially able to do afford these. both help with postpartum recovery.

2mo ago

Oic.. Okay thanks for your sharing 😊

do ur for coset not important.

2mo ago

im in the same boat as you, my edd in jan...looking around for budget massage and confinement food dear... among everything the massage is the most important cause your body under alot of stress for the past 9 months... confinement food n girdle not necessary.