Husband paternity leave ended

Doesnt it sucks that husbands only get 10 days of paternity leave ? Theyre equally important as the mother. Esp when the mother has gone thru csect and unable to function and walk for few weeks. My husband’s paternity leave just ended and i can’t help but to keep crying. Aside from i need help with the baby, I also miss him being home the whole day 😔☹️ Really hope soon i’ll adapt and get used to it. Altho Im staying with my MIL, it’s a different kind of help. #firsttimemom

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Yups. My hubs took 5 day AL to look after me after I was discharged from csec (baby still in hospital) When baby was discharged, we got the confinement nanny to come, but the hubs had to go back to work the following day already. And yes, even though I had my CN, I was still very sad that my husband had to return to work. But still, I'm thankful that he was there for that 1 week when I could hardly move. I think having a CN helps a lot. Perhaps consider hiring one.

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Sadly next yr then my hb co will get the 1 mth paternity leave n im due nxt mth. Hope u can adapt soon. I was alone after the first mth (or mayb earlier) during my first born. Didnt have any help so its just me myself and i.

Hi Mummy! It does sucks but we woman have to be strong. I am also a c-sect mom and I had to attend to my own baby after my husband paternity ended. Just take it easy, 1 step at a time. I hope everything will went well for you

lol.. problem is a lot of husband don't actually help out. stay at home shake leg play game. but in Jan 2024, paternity leaves will be adjusted from 2 weeks to 4 weeks and I'm due in Dec. lol.. that's sucks!

2mo ago

haha ... yea

did you share your maternity leave with him? that’s what i did to extend his stay

2mo ago

Tbh i am very sure u can declare after gving birth cz i have staff whose wife share after their child is born.

Ikr!! They need more paternity leaves!

I know right!!!! Im feeling the same! Sigh

2mo ago

Yessss please! They need to share the joy and exhaustion of raising a baby!