Delivery in NUH by Dr Stephen Chew

Doe anyone have experience with Dr Stephen Chew in NUH? Like how’s his delivery and stitching skills? And how’s your overall delivery experience in NUH as a private patient? Hope to get some advice. Thanks! #pleasehelp #FirstTimeMumHere

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Super Mum

Hi mama, Congratulations! I might not have any intel regarding Dr Stephen Chew but I have experienced being a private patient at NUH and I would say it was comparable to my experience at TMC. The nurses and midwives were excellent. If you can’t get any info on Dr Chew, and if you wish to have an unmedicated natural vaginal delivery, you could ask him some questions regarding his management skills to see if he’s more active management. You could try asking some of the questions listed here: There’s a link down below for a list of questions too. Hope this helps :)

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Wasn't under Stephen but was a private patient. Sometimes I feel like I'm paying private rates but getting subsidised service. Cos the waiting time can be very very very long as well . Height, weight, BP is OTOT while waiting. Sometimes doctor is super rush and cannot really ask much.

Stitching wise can have hits and misses also... my boss was highly recommending her gynae but then she did have infection resulting from uncleaned stitching also... and the gynae was also reputable one

He’s quite a senior gynae but i know him more for his expertise in reproduction processes. But I believe he’s skilled in general as a gynae. A fren was a private patient with him , seems ok

Hihi, may I know whether you have choose Dr Chew as gynae?