Doctor confirmed that I had miscarriage on 20 Apr 2023... This is my 2nd miscarriage.... Base on the ultrasound, doctor mention that there is still abt 2cm pregnancy leftover in my womb and she prescribed me with Misoprostol. I had to insert 3 tables into my vagina for a period of 2 days with a day interval in between... The 1st insertion was done on 24 Apr and the 2nd was done on 26 Apr 2023. May I know roughly how long will the bleeding last? Ladies who have went to this procedure, can help to share Ur experience pls. #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I too had miscarriage last year in July I have taken misoprostol oral tablets. Mine was empty gestation sac at 7 weeks still I got 14 days of bleeding. Nearly 1 week of heavy bleeding and cramping

7mo ago

Thanks for sharing Madhu.