Hi, any mummy has recommendation on good diaper brand for newborn baby girl? (Anyone tried einmilk or pampers?)

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I am using einmilk and charnins. Charnins is super thin and softer than einmilk. Both really good quality despite the price, holds output really well even overnight. Been using since my gal was a newborn. She is now 10 m and wearing M. Charnins diaper thickness seems to be the same regardless of size. I bot the XL for my 4yo and it can maybe hold 1 pee sess. So I imagined charnins can be used till 1yr old before moving to those mentioned by the other mummies here. But certainly give it a try! There is so much savings, even if its only for 1+ yrs! :)

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Hi mummy, is all depends on your baby preferences. Was recommended Mummy Poko, but my baby didnt like it as it is soft for him as only 1 pee sess, he will cry.. I tried Huggies as used by hospitals, is great just that my baby pees really a lot and Huggies leaked easier than Merries. Currently using Merries and so far so good.

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I used Huggies naturemade, BBKitty & Merries for NB. BBKitty’s cutting is really perfect, fits well (no need to adjust so much like normal tape diapers) and holds poonamis well. Downside is it’s rather costly 🫣

My baby has a very sensitive skin and also UTI. So far after we changed to Mummy Poko, she has no issue with it. We using Pigeon for wet wipes.

Been using pampers brand for my 2nd born so far no issues, it will only leak when its too overflow. Rascals amd friends are also a good brand.

hi im using pampers premium brand! doctor's recommendation as my daughter has sensitive skin! (:

Huggies nature made! Have been using NB size and progressing to S & M soon. It’s good.

Used huggies naturemade from newborn until now 9mths still using same

I’m using huggies naturemade! So far no leaks and diaper rash

huggies naturemade and pampers premium are good