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Which statement do you identify best with:

I am a wife
I am a daughter
I am a mother
None - I am me

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I am all mentioned
I’m a mother. Because it’s the role that has taught me so much about life.
I’m a wife and soon going to be a mother 🤗
I am a mother. With 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl🥰
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I am a wife and a mother
i am a mother, yan ung slita na gstong gsto ko at akala ko dis year magging nanay n ako, but its sad, sbra akong nasktan, nwalan ng hb ang baby ko, but still hoping, i trust Lord God, my dhilan Siya kung bakit at inaanty ko na ult ang ibbgay Niya sa amin..💖💖
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I am a MOTHER and I’m proud of it 😊
i am a mother
I am a mother 😊
i am a mother