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Dear mums, My baby is having jaundice, doctor kept ask to check the jaundice level by blood rest injection on his feet,like 3x already. Was thinking to change doctor. Can advise for any good paediatrician in east area for new born? I was referred one at Paragon but too exp n too far. Thank you. #paediatric #jaundicebaby

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Hopefully this will help parents who chance upon this post. I developed this mobile app “PdGoWhere” to search and locate available paediatricians. Full disclosure: App development is purely a hobby and the app is free and not for profit! Do search for PdGoWhere in the app stores or use the links below. Google Play Store Apple App Store

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what to you mean blood rest injection? my baby had jaundice and had to be pricked every appointment at polyclinic too.

2y ago

yes many babies did it the same way too. polyclinic follows the same protocol, it’s the fastest way to check esp if levels keep rising