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Dear mommies, i was diagnosed with GDM recently. And was determined to cut out sugar, changed my carbo to healthier ones (brown rice, sweet potatoes), and no more desserts. Other than that, i take the same amount of food and a bit more veg when i can. I also carried on my exercise routine, added just a tag more as i was a tad inactive due to covid. Few days into it, noticed my weight gone down, and later, my breasts got smaller too. Since then, my weight has maintained with no weight gain for 2weeks now. I tried to eat just a bit more, but am afraid it will burst the glucose reading. My appointment with doc is still 1+ week more. Like to find know if anyone has or had the same problem? Like to know how i can deal with this meam while. #1stimemom #worriedmom

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I had GD since wk 20. 11 wks passed and i lost the 2kg plus i put on during my hl n never grew. Having my apptment nxt sat and will know if i have put on 😂 I cut off rice/beehoon and only take those sides. Anyw u got exercise so i tink losing is also normal.. I dun exercise... and I realise i can hardly eat much too. I get full very easily.. Did your gynae raise any concern? Otherwise i guess its fine.

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3y ago

i haven't seen my gynae yet since the results, hope to know soon!