Baby Movement at Week 32

Currently at week 32 of my pregnancy and I enjoy feeling my baby movement everyday.. Enjoy touching my belly and talking to baby 🤭 who else is in their 3rd trimester right now? How do u interact with your baby? #pregnancy #thirdtrimester

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My bb has been trying to murder my ribs for weeks… 😫 But I still look forward to her movements and waves as it amazes me. It just feels amazing to know she’s doing well.✨

3mo ago

Haha.. Your baby is strong! At time certain position or movement of my baby will cause some pain at my belly button too.. Try to talk to baby, to change her position so mummy will be more comfortable 😊 yea.. I always encourage my boy to be active, so that I know that he's healthy and doing well there..

that’s great bonding for you and baby! i do that everyday too, and bb will respond :)

3mo ago

Nice! Feeling so amazing have a baby moves around in your body.. Have a smooth pregnancy and delivery ya! 😊