Stopped feeling nauseous

Currently 14 weeks pregnant and I've stopped feeling nauseous. Can't help feeling abit worried as I'm not sure if it's normal? Anyone else had the same experience? #1stimemom

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Don't worry, it's normal. Gynae said by week 14, most morning sickness symptoms world have been gone although some mummies will still feel nauseous. I'm also 14 weeks now and my energy and appetite have been back since week 12. Enjoy this 2nd trimester, aka the “honeymoon period” of pregnancy!

Haha be thankful that your nausea has disappeared at 14 weeks! Mine disappeared on 16 weeks and still have occasional nausea sometimes. Some mothers have nausea throughout pregnancy. Most mothers the nausea will end after first trimester so you’re good.

Yes definitely normal. Morning sickness usually goes away during the second trimester :) Enjoy it!

lucky you! it's normal as it usually goes away during the 2nd trimester. take care!

Yeap it's normal