giving blowjob

hello! just curious, do yall give bj to ur partner when ure pregnant? is it safe to do it? #advicepls #pregnancy

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my gynae actually told us is safe to maintain sexual intimacy and intercourse throughout the pregnancy, even if your husband release inside of you is safe too. but I will be more careful about BJ, unless make sure hubby cleans properly before BJ. because if there were to be any bacteria or whatever that is ingested and passed to baby, will not be good for foetus. released from below is ok because has mucus plug to block out bacteria and protect bb. so it is safer for hand job, or intercourse than blow job.

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No i didnt cause i was not having the mood ever since i get to know im pregnant. It was hard for my hubby to control at first. Keep asking me for “intercourse” 🙄 i scolded him and told him repeatedly to respect me. And slowly he stop asking. ☺️ dont make it a habit for them. You gotta be firm and tell them to learn how to control.

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my gynae after trimester 1, encourage us to have sex actually. if not hand job and blow job is also good. I think is more on keeping the "relationship" alive or giving him his needs. you know guys need to let go sometimes and you won't want him to find someone outside. 🤣good luck!

Why not just have sex? It releases oxytocin, beneficial for all 3 of you. Anw, it’s completely safe to BJ, even when you have sex and your partner releases inside of you, your cervix is already closed with mucus plug for any semen to enter.

I think it's fine & having intercourse once in a while when pregnant is good also. Keeps the relationship going at some point u know.

Absolutely safe! 😅 during my pregnancy i was still sexually active, its my husband that cant keep up haha

better dont.. later u swallow how? den fetus gena? hahahahahahaahahahaah

1st and 2nd trimester. 3rd trimester damn tired already hahaha

Yes the only way my husband enjoy since can’t penetrate

provided he does not have any sti