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Considering between Tommee Tippee and Hegen milk bottles, any advice which to get? Pros and cons? Can’t really find much reviews on google… I will be using UV sterilizer though. #1stimemom

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Hegen My boy loves it as it is easy to hold for baby hands PPSU material so it is safe. Can freeze or reheat to high temp After my boy is done with the smallest bottles, I can convert them into snack or fruits puree storage containers simply buying the lid for it which so far other cylinder containers can't so I'm still using all 10 bottles I've got since day one up till now. less wastage. i can even convert old bottles to drinking cups for toddler or water bottle for myself to use in office

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I use a uv steriliser too … plastic bottles became discoloured and I read somewhere that it might cause plastic to breakdown so I changed all my bottles to glass (pigeon brand). Something to consider. I think Tommie tippee has glass bottles too.

I been using tomme tippee PPSU light brown colour bottle since baby was born. Now got discount when u trade in old milk bottle until July @mothercare

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I use a uv ( w dryer ) and I recommend Hegen . So far no issues with discolouration or plastic breakdown

if only between this 2 than take hegen. If not do consider dr brown. It helps alot with kids with gas.

using hegen and my baby loves it too.

hegen due to the ppsu material