When to go hospital?

Hi! Confused first time mum here 😳 Im at 39+2 weeks. My cervix is dilated 1-2cm on last Friday’s appt. My mucus plug came out on Saturday morning and I started having dull crampy ache on my lower pelvis to vagina area since Sat night. Last night I was woken up by cramps over my tummy area lasting about 1min and I felt like shitting. I managed to go back to sleep after and I felt it again when I woke up at 8am this morning. Is this the start of labour contractions? Or just braxton hicks? The cramps doesn’t feel painful but more of uncomfortable, like tightening and hardening at right side then radiates to the whole tummy. Do I continue to monitor or should I go to the hospital? #firsttimemom #help

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They say you can monitor first and wait for the contraction to come every 5-10 mins consistently for an hour then you can make your way to the hospital. Weird thing im also 39+1 and having that dull crampy feeling bt im not dilated nor have i lost my mucus plug so im also confused. But i just monitor first since ill also be induced on 40 weeks

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