Any suggestion for a pregnant friendly restaurant in terms of food?

No cheese, no herbs, no seafood, no raw ? Difficult to find one 🤔 Very difficult to find a restaurant. They either have Aglio Oglio that contains wine Beer battered fish made with beer Roasted chicken with thyme Very headache to go on restaurant with colleagues and in need if help. #advicepls #firsttimemom #pleasehelp

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Aglio olio doesn’t use wine traditionally. Although I cannot rule out restaurants doing their own versions. Even so, alcohol is cooked off in the process so you don’t need to stress. With the exception of stew-type dishes, most dishes that use alcohol do not use more than a splash of wine and the amount of beer in the batter covering 2 pieces of fish is no more than a splash either. And they’re cooked off. As far as cheese goes, you can eat them as long as they are pasteurized cheeses. In Singapore, I believe 99% of cheese sold are pasteurized, but you can always double check with them. Just like our eggs. Maybe in expensive artisan cheese shops you can find the unpasteurized varieties. To stay sure, avoid the soft cheeses like Gorgonzola. Herbs (mostly used in tiny amounts) are fine. Raw foods are totally a no. That’s easy. So avoid any form of tartare or sashimi. Just remember that the human body is a lot more resilient than you think. Always ensure that you are in general eating healthy and nutritious food to optimize baby’s growth and development. Everything in moderation, and everything will be fine, mommy. Enjoy your journey. X

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Are you the same person who posted a few days ago? You can eat hard cheese. You can eat seafood low in mercury (eg salmon). Actually most herbs are fine. Most things can be eaten in moderation. Don’t feel like you need to be so finicky with what you eat. If you are so worried, go for simple things like spaghetti bolognese? Chicken chop with potato? Google what’s safe and unsafe and go from there. I’m at 21 weeks and eat out several times a week. Options are plenty!

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2mo ago

Might as well dont go out and eat if need to think so much. I didnt know that aglio oglio use wine to cook but i still continue to eat. No raw and alcohol for me only.

When I went to an Italian restaurant, I'd ask to skip the wine when cooking the pasta. However, you may also Google that wine added during the cooking process is OK. The alcohol will evaporate. But if you're uncomfortable, just ask to skip the wine, the restaurants are usually OK to do it.

Just let the restaurant know what not to add in, usually it’s the raw food/cheeses/eggs. Or ask for well done food. abit of herbs is totally fine in food. Beer battered fish probably doesn’t even have any alcohol as it would have evaporated during the high temperature frying.

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I think you are restricting too much. Just avoid raw food, raw seafood, alcohol and smoke. If you are really uncomfortable then don’t join others. Make your own food. It’s another healthy way to follow your strict diet.

Many thou…..? Pretty sure there are a variety of food in a restaurant. Just order those cooked ones? Chicken, fish? Regarding herbs, maybe ask them if they do include if they do, request for them not to.

I would say go for restaurants (there should be some at least) with a menu that offers a greater variety of options than specifically a restaurant.

how about going to a halal restaurant for your pasta fix because there won't be alcohol in it....