Toddler Phase Blues

My boy starts to copy behaviors, and he uses those cards with us (Parents), ie. I'm Angry, You never listen to me or will ask us to sit to his corner (for time out). Which gives me goosebumps, 😱😢 I don't want him to do have that habit and will be happy to resolve it properly with healthier way/s in handling this matter. Any suggestions how to maneuver this scenario? Thanks in advance! #toddlerphase

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Super Mum

Hey Na’ila, kids model our behaviour so the best way to “correct” it is to lead by example. At the same time explain to him how it makes you feel when he says those words. You may have to apologise for having use those words on him in the first place. Kids are really smart ah.. they will catch on really quickly.

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thanks Lena! will try your suggestion and will be more humble I guess ☺ like u said, kids model our behavior. 🤲🏼