How to support the better half during pregnancy

Better half is 4 months pregnant. In what ways I can support her during this phase.

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Hi Rits, You can support your partner by providing emotional support and physical support. For emotional support, you can ask her what she needs from you, always encourage and reassure her. Show your affection to her like holding hands and giving hugs. Let her know that she is not going through the pregnancy alone. For physical support, you can help her make changes to her lifestyle as a mother-to-be such as encouraging her to eat healthy foods. Encourage your partner to take breaks and naps are also essential as hormones during pregnancy can change a woman's energy level and the need for sleep. You can also help out with the house chores at home and giving back and foot massages to help ease her stress and aches. -Ms Yasmin, Clinical Psychologist **disclaimer: our advice is not substitute for an actual consultation with a doctor in a clinic. All information shared here is done under the capacity of the health education.

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