very bad heartburn acid reflux 18 weeks & feeling something at my stomach

been eating slowly, smaller meals all but still get acid reflux and it hurts so much. i thought 2nd trimester would be a breeze 😭 is eno,gaviscon okay to take if i really cannot endure it? and aniways i havent felt the baby moving. but sometimes when i get up too fast or shift my body too fast i will feel something like a hard kick in my stomach, is that the baby 😂😂 totally forgot how its suppose to feel like cause my child is now 7 yrs old. so this 2nd pregnancy feels like the 1st. #advicepls

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Gaviscon is fine to take. But i didn’t take it even though my heartburn was pretty bad during third tri. Just let it pass. I only felt baby kicking at week 22 for my 2nd pregnancy. Once you feel it, you can’t unfeel it 😀

12mo ago

i see .. got it ! thanks mummy ♥️

I took gaviscon and it helps. My gyane say it's ok to take but I usually just take 1 tablet instead of 2.

12mo ago

noted will try that if i really cant take it. thank u