Baby been spitting out milk

Been 3 days, baby had been drinking 160ml 4hourly, but during each feed, he spit out milk while burping. Even after 2-3hrs later, he still will puke out milk, he don’t look uncomfortable thou. During feeding, I let him sit upright, baby is 3months old today! Do share what can I do, been worried after seeing my LO spit out milk each time. #firstbaby #1stimemom

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It’s not Merlion vomit right? If it’s just spit out a few milk, I think it’s ok. Just an advice you can feed in schedule but see the baby cue when he’s drinking. If he stop drinking and don’t want anymore though there’s still some milk left, let it be, as he’s telling you he’s full. My baby girl had Merlion vomit for months and it’s very worrisome as she was drinking very little and we were worried for her weight. Each time we went for pd visit we will ask the pd if she’s growing well, if her weight is ok. We also tell the pd about her Merlion vomit and the pd told us it’s normal for some baby so long as they don’t feel uncomfortable then it’s fine.

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Saw this table perhaps you can take a look. It’s just a guideline. Spitting up like I say is normal. Otherwise you can give smaller amount each feed but the frequency will have to be shorter.

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Spitting is normal, maybe can reduce the amount abit and do an extra feed so the total volume per day is still the same, see if he is better? As long as his body weight in increasing based on the curve Chart on the health booklet then it’s ok. Sometimes changing to a different formula milk can also help.

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