5 months old having viral infection on her eye. Very red and swollen. Eye drops recommendation?

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Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your little one is going through this! It can be really tough to see our babies in pain. When my child had a similar issue, the pediatrician recommended using saline solution to clean the eye and then applying prescribed antibiotic eye drops. It's important to follow the doctor's instructions and dosage carefully. Also, make sure to keep the affected eye clean and try to prevent your baby from touching or rubbing it. If you're unsure about anything or if the symptoms worsen, don't hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician for further guidance. Wishing your little one a speedy recovery! #bantusharing #bantujawab #firsttimemom https://invl.io/cll6she

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Best to see doc instead of self medicate.

2mo ago

Then can buy the exact same thing. Can try watsons guardian. They also have pahrmacy

better to see doctor