Baby Poop (Tan green)

My baby dun usually poop everyday. 3-4 days once. Feeding him Bm and one formula every night. Is it normal baby dun poo everyday? Today baby poop tan green and sweat while pushing. He is 2 mths old. He cried and haven push everything out. Should we go to a pd? Worried why is it tan green.. Why he cant push it out..#firstbaby #momcommunity

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It’s normal for babies not to poo everyday. It can be up to 7 days. It’s normal for poo to turn green (due to breast milk fore & hindmilk imbalance). Don’t worry. It’s normal for babies to cry when pooing. You can do tummy massages for baby. There’s videos on Youtube.

Try cycling his leg and apply some oil on his tummy . Can try gripe water too .