Solid food for 4+ months baby?

My baby 4.5 months and show signs of readiness for solid food. Can baby try or must wait till 6 months? #1stimemom

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Rule of thumb, so long as baby can sit up which facilitates adequate ability to swallow, they can start soft feeds. My PD gave the green light at 4.5 months for my son. But if you're not sure, ask your PD is the best.

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Hi! You can feed your baby solids at 4.5 months ONLY IF DOCTOR GIVES GREEN LIGHT as it’s recommended to only feed at 6 months old. As well as water. Hope this helps! :)

Please start at earliest 5 months also only give purees n not solid they cant chew anything and might choke.

can start with puree, rice cereal etc. just a few spoons each time for them to try.

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I started letting my girl explore with food at 3mth +

For taste testing, yes but for actual meal, better wait a little longer.

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Can let baby try