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Anyone is with dr cindy pang ? How is she and the prices like?

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I'm with dr cindy pang ! Switched to her when I was in my week 16 and signed up for her package on my first visit. I like her more than my previous one as I felt she's more caring, detailed and friendly. Her nurse is very sweet too!

dr cindy pang is very patient and understanding. She has a package expectant mothers can sign up for from week 16. This package brings each visit to an average of $100. Would definitely recommend Dr. Cindy Pang.

Are you referring to the dr cindy pang at Mt E? If so, you can find more details at this link:

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Yes! This is her, wanted to know her rates... and reviews from mothers who been with her.

I have heard about dr cindy pang from a lot of friends and even acquaintances that dr cindy pang is great with high risk or delicate pregnancies which means he must be extremely skilled.

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dr cindy pang was nice to my wife and she had a decent experience visiting her. Although I’d like to inform that her consultation charges are a bit on the higher side.

With Dr Cindy Pang, it's an average of $200-300 per visit, which includes consultation fees and scans.

It’s best to call up dr cindy pang clinic to confirm the charges.

dr cindy pang is good, but sometimes find it hard to reach her