Recommendation for gynae at Thomson

Anyone under Dr Janice Tung at TMC? Or has recommendations for gynae at TMC?

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Hi mummy, you can check out this list of TMC gynaecologists based on recommendations by our community 😊

We are seeing Dr Benjamin Tham at TMC! Saw too many good reviews about him before ended up choosing him. And found out that 2 of my friends were with him too haha

I’m with Dr Freda Khoo. She’s so nice and knowledgeable during my first visit that I didn’t bother looking or visiting any other gynaes!

Dr Pamela Tan at TLC (3rd floor, Thomson) is good! You can find out more about her on her IG or website.

If you're living in the west can try Dr Tan Toh Lick located at jem! so far so good! im 23 weeks currently.

I accidentally deleted a comment. Any review for Dr Liana Koe and the clinic?

Did you choose Janice Tung eventually? Any reviews for janice tung here?

11mo ago

hi I did NIPT and pre eclampsia

I’m with Dr Freda Khoo! :) she’s really patient and assuring

Will suggest you go for the recommended ones provided over here

I’m with Dr Benjamin Tham. He’s good and humorous! 😊😊