Booste jab @33 weeks

Anyone taking booster jab at 33 weeks?#advicepls #pregnancy

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yes! gynae recommended to take booster as pregnant woman are considered high-risk. didn't suffer any side effects too

Took mine at 36 5 weeks, had only soreness on arm and fever for half a day the next day. Baby is fine. :)

2y ago

I'm keen to know more too. are the side effects for booster differs between Pfizer and Moderna?

Just took mine yesterday at 33 weeks 5 days. Slight Sore arm but my body feels achy and tired.

I just took mine at 33wks. Mine's Pfizer. No side effect, just slight sore arm for 2 days:)

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I took at wk 22! Gynae suggested to take between wk 22 and 28. All was good except sore arms

2y ago

Hi, is there a particular reason that your gynae advice to take booster during those weeks and not earlier or later?

I also plan to take the booster. But now I in week 34.

34 weeks this week n gonna take my jab 2 days later.

i took at wk 33, was fine and no side effects

Yup.. i took mine at 35 weeks..