PEM Confinement Gold Nanny Recommendation?

Anyone has experience hiring PEM gold nanny? Any recommended nannies? Pls advise, thanks!

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My bb is 3 months now. I topped up for gold nanny. Mine is Auntie Liew Loke Yuen (#960). Glad that she is pretty chill because I don't believe in ALL confinement superstitions, only followed the basic stuff. She didn't nag too much. Oh her cooking is awesome...I was so well fed! 🤤 My cousin also took PEM but not gold. And the difference is huge. Her nanny is very rough with baby, cooking sucks, plays with phone alot etc. Without the 'gold assurance', I think it boils down to luck. There are definitely ppl who got good nannies without topping up. But since this is my first baby, I decided to take the safe route.

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