Crazy itch rashes!

Anyone experienced crazy itch rashes all over legs and arms during 34 weeks of pregnancy? Going crazy over the itch here! Need some remedy asap! Help a mum to be 🙏🏼#pleasehelp #pregnancy #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #worryingmom #itchrash #rashes #itchy

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You can try using suubalm moisturizing cream. It’s safe for pregnancy and it has menthol. I use it for hives and it does feel very comfortable after applying. Cheaper to buy from KKH pharmacy than pharmacy outside though. Usually I’ll compare price when I go to KKH. If guardian or watsons has ongoing promotions, then it might be cheaper and I wont buy when I’m at KKH.

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4mo ago

Oh wow, thank you for the information dear. I have ordered the Aveeno itch relief cream before I saw ur msg. Let me try this first if it doesn't work I shall try the Suubalm moisturing cream. I had Suubalm on mind when I ordered the Aveeno cream. Thank you so much 😊