Recommended brand for baby bottles sterilizer with dryer?

Anyone care to share which brands ?

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Haenim! Been using for 2 years and will continue with my 2nd soon too. V convenient tt I cld also sterilise some of my boy's toys. Just take note of materials tt shldn't be put in the UV steriliser.

If uv - hanil. If normal steam sterilizer with dryer - philips avent. Do look for the one w dryer function cos there is a non-dryer one and they look v alike

Steam steriliser - Philips! Pick the one with dryer. Works the same. Unless you want to sterilise toys etc in future, then Haenim UV.

Steam sterilizer or uv? I have both dr brown n philips one. Uv alot of ppl using haenim

10mo ago

Yes. I have 1 hegen bottle which i use to heat up her frozen solid food 😂😂

I’m using Haenim, so far so good.

Lollababy - so far it works well