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can anyone briefly explain to me if there’s additional charges for blood test, fetal anomaly test etc. for private patients package which is $700+ . and could u share with me your experience and bill size. i’m afraid that there’ll be so many additional charges that i feel like changing to subsidise. but if i want to change to subsidise i have to go to poly for referral right ? hope some of u mummies could share with me. i really don’t know if i should continue in the private route or change to subsidise. i’m currently 14 weeks pregnant. i just went to 1 appointment... #advicepls #firstbaby #momcommunity

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For private both consultations and tests, scan, vaccination are more expensive. For subsidy, all costs are subsidy thus much cheaper. Example, private consultation fee will be around $80-150; subsidy only less than $30. Scan, test and vaccination, works the same. So if financial is a concern, do go through the subsidy route. Yes, you need a referral letter from poly. Please make sure you visit the gynae timely, as you need to ensure baby is growing well. Take care and God bless you and baby.

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I don't know about the packages. but private the pricing are definitely more expensive. for all tests there will be charges. so you need to read through your package carefully. you can go for subside for all your check ups just need to endure the wait time and different doc will follow up for the appts. and during your delivery, you can choose private if you want private room. that's what I did.

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