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After one month confinement, how do you take care of your own well being e.g bathing and buying lunch / dinner when you dont have any parent / in law / nanny or maid to take care of the newborn? #advicepls

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order tingkat for ur lunch, and dinner (for ur husband too). and buy easy to cook/fast n nutritional breakfast - i buy milk and avocado, eggs, bread, cereal etc. healthy n fast to prep - in case ur baby cry, u can easily settle your meal n not compromise on nutritional values (esp if u breastfeeding). chicken essence helps too. tonic wine to drink at nite. shower when baby is slping - but u must be fast. no more luxury of slow bath, or til your husband gets home

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buy more milk bottles so that u dont need to wash so many times in a day. do housework only when baby is asleep. new born tend to sleep more. if u cannot finish, just prioritise. there is no need to compete for cleanliness or organised award. most impt is u and baby's well being! order tingkat as u may not even have time to order food delivery. bathe when hubby is around so that baby doesn't leave unattended.

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After confinement I took care of my lo alone till my maternity leave is over. hub travels out of town for work so I'm on my own most of the time. ordered food sometimes, house tend to be a little messy, stock up more things at home in case there's no time to go out. can be pretty stressful as a first time mum, please get help from parents whenever you can to take a breather.

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I did everything myself from the first day of delivery, assisted by my husband of course ☺ the morning before my husband left for work, he bought and prepared food for me. after he left for work, I bathed the baby and did the daily work. I also often do food delivery orders..

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same! :)

1st bb - cook simple meals, order food in, hubby tabao and sometimes parents place after 5th week when nanny went back 2nd bb - no nanny so ordered 6 weeks lunch n dinner confinement meals. aft that helper cook, go parents place, order food in or tabao

Shower, eat, do housework when baby is asleep. I don’t cook so I ordered lunch almost everyday. Newborn will sleep a lot so try to nap in the afternoon when baby naps too. My husband will usually take over when he’s back from work so I could rest.


put baby in carrier and do your work or do your work only when baby sleep usually they just sleep and only wake when hungry. for food wise you can Cook yourself or order food.

What about ordering tingkat? Then you don't have to worry about food. Once you know the bb routine, you can much less plan your time.

bathe, grabfood daily or cook only 1 pot fast dinner when baby nap multitask , eat lunch while pumping milk.

Husband helped me a lot