after i gave birth to my sweetest baby Girl. im overwhelm n sleep deprived. unlucky me to have husband who like to sleep n chose nt to help me over the night . i have been up n down 24hrs to breastfed, changed diaper and even shower her during my confinement. i dont take a proper meal during my confinement. i was left alone at home with my baby who always cried. no meal been prepared for me .. my mom who suppose to resign n take care of me during my confinement , she also left me alone. one night i broke down infront of my mom n hubby .. i cried out loud and i told them i cant do this anymore. He took off and take over the baby for a day .. and i went to take my beautiful sleep. after few days i was left alone again. I cant eat for few weeks .. only drank milo n soya due to stress. i been diagnosed withh gastritis due to poor intake plus i bf my LO. its almost 3 month now. thank god. its getting better. sadly i need to stop bf my baby as i need to take anti- anxiety meds to stop my stress hormone . MY LO is in excellent condition .. she very healthy n chubby. i shared w my hubby .. and i request nt to have another baby for few yrs. Thank god he understand me. i didnt knw that lack of support from partner n other family member can effects mom's mentality. please take care new mom out there

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u did it and stay strong 👍 Your gal needs your love to grow