What to do if I want to ask for private gynae as subsidized patient in NUH? 😊

#advicepls I am about to go for my 1st appt on 3rd dec. I was wondering if anyone can tell me when will be the time i coukd ask if u wanted to stick to one gynae. Had a miscarriage in July so am extremely nervous stepping back in the clinic 😔Do I request for it. how much do you think it will cost or will i have to convert to a private patient if i want a private gynae?

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the moment u switch to private gynae, you will immediately be switched to a private patient under the system. difference of cost overall estimated to about 4-5k. sometimes bill can also go up to 10k after delivery for a pte patient!

7mo ago

i think i am comfortable with NUH. plus its closer to me. my sister and mum delivered in NUh too. i think KKH is really too far. 😬 it make me nauseous just thinking abt travelling there.