8 week pregnancy

#advicepls #firsttimemom please advice I am 8 weeks today. Suddenly I having spotting which is very red. Is it normal?

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I had spotting at 7 weeks on my last pregnancy. I got scared and went to see my gynae. I was told its normal, its called implantation bleeding. But it is always best to go and check it out! Better to be safe thn sorry. Plus you'll be able to hear your baby's heartbeat and see the ultrasound as well, which was really exciting.

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Monitor if it gets worse! Light spotting is common in early pregnancy but still see your gynae asap and report it so they can check it out/give meds if required. Take care!

Do consult your gynae as soon as possible. it happened to me back then n turns out I had polyp which requires immediate attention. keep calm n all the best!

2mo ago

I din have polyp but bled too that resulted in mc , I don't think polyp is the reason, but that first trimester is unstable and mc are common. mine stopped growing at 6w and had no heartbeat. hope u are feeling better.

Best to see gynae! Bleeding is always a no no in pregnancy.

2mo ago

Thank for you advice.