Use dryer for newborn clothes? Or hang them?

Advice on how do mummies do their little one laundry? Do you guys use dryer to dry them and save time or just hang them? Isit OK to use dryer? It's ok right to use washing machine using only baby laundry detergent? 1st time mom here, want to wash all my newborn clothes before baby arrival. #1stimemom #firstbaby

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I'm a first time mom too. I use Tiny Buds laundry detergent becase it's 100% natural and fragrance free and it's very safe for babies. Also I used to hand wash and hang the clothes of my baby since we don't have dryer 😅 but it's okay to washing machine the clothes of baby using baby laundry detergent also to use dryer to fdry the clothes 😊

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I hand wash my baby clothes up to now (she's 11mos) and hang to dry as I don't have the washing machine which can use hot temperature.

I only use baby laundry detergent to wash my newborn baby clothes and i will just hang all my newborn baby clothes

I use baby friendly detergent in washing machine and dryer to dry the clothes cause my house has no sunlight..

Washing machine to wash. Hang up to dry if you have good sun and ventilation or else dryer is ok too.