Should I try Waxing??

#1stimemom#pregnancy #firstbaby #advicepls does any of you waxed before labour? If yes, which week would be the best? Should I try if I have never did waxing before...

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I’ve been doing sugaring at sugaredsg. Before preggy, I did waxing but then when preggy, I wanted something organic so went with sugaring instead. But do note that our private area is more sensitive during pregnancy so it will hurt abit more compared to doing it when not pregnant

1y ago

Ya I tahan until 2nd trim to make appt. by tht time it was like amazon forest alrdy🤣 but the after effect was smooth and clean. Worth the pain lah!

I think if you're concerned about the hair, can shave instead. it's sensitive there and not worth the try. With the growing tummy I don't think you can DIY either.

1y ago

with huge tummy I wouldn't be able to self shave unless I get my husband to help me🤣 plus shaving don't last as long as waxing.... thus was thinking hmmm

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I didn’t. Before deliver, the nurse helped to shave 😛 At home, I get my husband to help lol

Don’t need to do all these type one. Just shave or leave it

It’s fine