Can pregnant ladies consume jasmine tea, green tea or ginger tea ? Or have swith to water.

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I NEED to drink it. Once a day. Must drink. So it’s fine! 2nd pregnancy here.

Thanks for sharing

Yes you can as i am also 1st time mom and honestly i cant live without jasmine green tea 😅

I still drink my teas once every other day. As long as u limit the amount u drink.

I believe anything in moderation is fine. Don’t be stressed because of certain restriction of food. Just enjoy and be happy and I am sure your baby will feel happy too! (But still do not consume raw food)

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In moderation is fine. Just remember to still take water.

Can drink tea in moderation but plain water is still the best..

no problem, moderation..

Super Mum

i did 🙂

From my experience, should not be any problem..Had various type of tea + coffee during my preggy days 😉 Just be aware not to take too much, as tea can cause bloating tho..