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Hi all, #1stimemom here. Would like to check if any mummies went through subsidised route all the way? How was your delivery experience and also in the shared ward? Thank you! #advicepls

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KKH Subsidised for my firstborn. Had post-delivery complication (pre-eclampsia) and warded for a total of 6 days in B2 (6-bedded). Luckily I didn’t choose A or B1 ward cause my hospital bills would cost me a bomb. Before subsidy my hospital bills total up to $11k plus and after, I had to topup $4k plus but my hospital insurance covered it. No issues for me as I didn’t have any expectations as a subsidised patient. I wasn’t expecting it to be air-conditioned as well. In fact there were individual ceiling fans above our beds. Food menu was good too. Nurses were really kind and helpful (including the attachments / interns) especially when I had emergency c-sect, couldn’t get out of bed in time to go to the toilet and made a whole mess. They also kept looking out for my baby and asked if she’s been fed already or not. My delivery experience wasn’t what I would expect especially when I was in the OT as one of the Chinese doctors were scolding another Indian doctor. I was like.. yo, I’m in a hell lot of pain here could you guys please shut up.. hahaha but was all good afterwards. My 2nd pregnancy now I’m still with KKH subsidised and hoping for a VBAC. :)

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it’s very good service from all staff