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As a 1st time mom, it was my first time buying a pregnancy test kit and had to read carefully on how to use it. The instruction was to pee on the pink stripe and wait for a few mins for the line to come out right? So I did the same. But the line came out immediately and was very strong so I was stunned. Had no time to process it in my mind and although I thought I should be over the moon but I wasn't. Just in a shock state. Anyone have the same experience as me? :/

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Both of my children had super fast results on the test kit. the first time, I took while my husband went to a nearby shop because I thought it will take a while. But the results were so fast and waiting for him to come home was the longest wait ever! for the 2nd one, I did the test when he was at home so I can tell him immediately. lol We were trying so although it was expected, I was still shocked and felt surreal.

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