My 13.5mo gal is still waking up twice a night to drink!! Anyone facing same situation? She used to drop off to once a night but this past week she has been waking up twice a day.. so many babies have slept through the bight but mine is still waking up like a newborn to drink :( I do give her dinner and a little snack and milk before bedtime.. When she wakes up at night she can finish a bottle of 135ml! I thought maybe she is just thirsty but it seems like she is hungry or is she just drinking out of habit? What should I do?

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hmm depends on the childs. as I have 2 boys . 1 really super milk king . always want milk . even in the middle of the night will wake up for milk till the age of 2 plus or 3year old still the same . maybe it a habit or the milk urge . but my 2nd child last feed 11 +pm . he will sleep thru the night till like 6 am then wake up .i did try to wake him up but he just refuse . but as long if they wan milk . i will still prepare and let them drink even during the night . cos i believe my kids benefits all the nutrition from the milk they are drinking . ☺

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