Morning sickness at 11weeks +

11weeks + along but this week my morning sickness is the worst so far. Please don’t tell me week 12 is going to be as bad. Helppp #preganancy

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hi! my nauseous started on my 9th week too. My gynae told me it usually peaks at 9-10 weeks but now that i’m at the end of my 10th week it’s still happenning! Mostly morning and night. hope it goes away by 2nd trimester. it’s making me lose appetite and feeling quite miserable 😢

Hey same! I was feeling mostly ok before week 11. Right up to week 10, I had some mild nausea but it’s not everyday. But now I’m at 11 weeks + and today I had my worst bout of morning sickness (worst for me but actually still very mild I think? cos I didn’t vomit, just kept gagging).

7mo ago

I just hope it’ll get better at week 12, not worst.. i barely eat a proper meal this week. Just a few spoonfuls & that’s it 🥴

Me too! Didn’t have morning sickness till week 9. At first thought I was lucky to not have morning sickness at all, but guess I’m wrong. But still think mine is mild case of occasional gagging too, never physically vomit. My appetite went down too.

7mo ago

Thought I was the only one. It was a pretty smooth one until week 10, where the nausea & gagging started.. it’s worst now at week 11.

I had nausea till around week 10/11. All is good till week 25 where I started experiencing nausea + vomiting 😒 I sip on 100 Plus when the nausea strikes, works for me! Thank god it only lasted for 2 weeks. 😂

7mo ago

It came back?? Oh noo.. I was so looking forward to get over 1st trimester

Hi! My nausea started during my 6-7th week and it only went away when I'm at my 12th! I'm now in my 13th week and nausea is gone for now, just feeling tired all day.