Baby has been crying and pacified only when carried

Hi! My 1 month old baby always cry whenever I put her down. My PD say that it’s colic wind and prescribed Ridwind and Probiotics but she’s still always crying. She used to be able to sleep very well after feeding before her 1st month but not now. We tried putting her in stroller, in baby carrier, swaddling, turned on white noise, used pacifier, used anti-colic wind milk bottle etc but to no avail. It’s really causing my hubby and I a lot of stress. Any advice?

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It’s colic and won’t last forever. It’s a passing phase and diff babies have it for diff periods of time - mine was for 3 weeks and always only at nite, made us very sleepless and tired and helpless but it is just like this, have to ride through it. Do get help to maintain some sanity. And yes, it’s because they lack security and need a lot of skin to skin to feel safe in this strange new world they are born into. It’s a growth spurt phase and after you ride thru it, they develop quite significantly

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it gets better when it's older, I can imagine but it happens to most parents, if you feel stress maybe still not so prepared as a parent. imagine a little baby in tummy for 10 months so protected then suddenly exposed to the huge world new environment. baby will be scared and always need coaxing, it's not just wind or colic. but baby needs a lot of care and cuddle especially during first 3 months. it's like if you can't get through this then it's going to be a tough road ahead.

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my baby also liddat, maybe try do tummy time as the pressure can relief the wind! try letting baby sleep on your chest while u lie down also, ur comfort is good for baby and the pressure on the belly can relief

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It is colic. my baby was like that too. I tried all the methods you mention, aeroplane carry, massage and even went to 3 PDs. It will get better once she is older ( around 4 months)

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Thanks for sharing. So how to stop baby from crying from now till 4 months? Hmm. My hubby and I need to keep our sanity