Brown rice cereal (si shen cao mi) how to prepare?

1. To boil? 2. How to prepare if it’s to be added into fm/ bm and fed by bottle? 3. How to prepare if it’s to replace a meal and fed by spoon? I just gave my LO si shen cao mi after boiling with water and stirring into a pasty texture and he is able to take by spoonfeeds. However, I would like to mix with fm/ bm - I tried making fm (dissolved in water alr) and mix with the si shen cao mi but it ended up not as pasty to be fed properly by spoon.. #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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rice cereal for any kind to add milk. if your are using BM just scoop the amount you want. heat up the BM and pour until you get the texture you want. FM add 1 or 2 scoop together with rice cereal and add hot water to the texture you want. you do not need to boil it.

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