Sugar, Carbohydrates, Fat


Granola is often considered a healthy breakfast option. But in reality, it is often very high in sugar, which outweigh the health benefits of other ingredients that are usually in granola, like nuts. During pregnancy, it's best to avoid foods that are high in sugar due to the risk of elevated blood pressure and gestational diabetes.


Granola is generally very high in added sugar, which is why if you are eating it during the postpartum period, you should proceed with caution. Too much sugar in food can cause your own blood sugar and pressure levels to spike, which is not good for your recovery process after giving birth. Try to find a home-based brand of granola that has less sugar.


While you can eat granola while breastfeeding, keep in mind that it usually has very high levels of sugar which is not great for overall health. Eat sparingly, or replace with a healthier breakfast option like oatmeal.


Granola has way too much added sugar and is not a healthy food option for your baby. Remember that after your child starts eating solids at 6 months of age, he or she should not be given any salt or sugar until after 12 months of age, and even then, less is best.