Vitamin K, Potassium, Manganese, Antioxidants


With many health benefits, especially anti-inflammatory properties, cloves in their whole spice or powder form are fine to consume in pregnancy. You should avoid clove oil, though.


Cloves are okay to consume in their spice form in the postpartum period. In fact, their anti-inflammatory properties can help protect you from infections and speed up the healing process. Cloves are also a great natural pain reliever especially for toothaches.


It is fine to consume cloves in their spice form while breastfeeding. Rich in antioxidants, cloves will enhance your immune system and help make it more efficient at warding off infections and illnesses.


You can safely add either one clove or a tiny pinch of clove powder to your baby's food (such as a mild curry) after he or she starts solids at around 6 months of age. Cloves contain anti-inflammatory properties and are a pain reliever. Additionally, they help strengthen your baby's immune system since they are rich in antioxidants. Do not give clove oil to your baby to consume, though, as it is concentrated and may be toxic.