Number of kids and why

How many kids do you want to have and why?

Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
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Describe your pregnancy in 1 word!
How many weeks pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant?
Are you still the kind of couple who kisses each other and say “I Love You” when you leave home for work or somewhere else in the day? :)
Mums, I just found out I m pregnant again - and I am not ready for the second one. I am thinking of an abortion. Any advice for me? What is the abortion process like?
How old were you when you started your family?

Siapa yang pilih nama bayi anda?

Excited sgt bila dpt tau gender baby ni. Tapi masa cari nama, siapa yg pilihkan nama baby korg? Sy berkenan ni, suami pula nak tu. Last2 family x setuju dua2. Ahh stress!
33 anak sy smua sy yg bg nama,, Mohd danish Mohd afiq azman Aidan asyraf Ni klu gegel mmg dh ade nama Anis Fazura,,tp klu boboi lg blm piki nme,,excited nk gegel
Did you want to know the gender of your baby when you were conceiving or you waited until the baby came out?
Am still contemplating either to go for a scan or not.
What brand of baby diapers & wipes do you use?
Huggies dry pants and cherub wipes.