Estimate Date of Delivery (EDD)

My wife's doctor in Malaysia made their calculations of my wife's first (LMP) and with the first baby scan, they come out with our baby's EDD to be on the 25th Febuary 2024. In week 21, we made our first detailed scan at a private clinic (Sonobee Kota Malacca). There isn't a Antenatal scan provided for a government subsidy in Malaysia. Totally fine with it. So turns out that after doing measurements of our baby, the calculations on the ultrasound by the private clinic (Sonobee Kota Malacca) sets that the baby's EDD is on the 2nd March 2024. ------------------------------------------------------------------- - The baby is very well, no early signs of down syndrome symptoms, the growth of our baby is on a smaller scale just a shy below average according to the doctor which is totally fine. ------------------------------------------------------------------- So back to it, week 27, we then handed over our details to Singapore KKH from Malaysia because we want our baby to be born in Singapore. We made this decision earlier during the pregnancy. We only took the medical advantage in Malaysia as it is free because my wife is a Malaysian. So the first Antenatal scan(Growth scan) in Singapore KKH was at week 28. After the scan, the doctor/counsellor told us that our baby appeared smaller than average. They told us that our baby weights at 930g when it supposed to be 1.1kg by now. So much negative feedbacks from the doctor and we were totally down about it. I was very unhappy with the way the doctor in Singapore who did the scan. She seems very rushed and the scan she did was half heartedly. So we decided to opt out for another scan. We did it in a private clinic(Sonobee Bukit Indah) in Malaysia. At first, we start questioning ourselves that maybe because we got many negative feedbacks from the doctor that we act up and get all frustrated by everything. We start to doubting our doctor's advice like we know everything. We then did research and play doctors ourselves and get all worked up about everything. It was very stressful. After the scan in the private clinic(Sonobee Bukit Indah) the doctors said that there is nothing to worry. The baby is in great shape. Matters in fact, the ultrasound calculated our baby weights at 1.12kg whereas just 3 days ago, the Antenatal scan done in Singapore KKH weights our baby to be 930g. WHAT A BIG GAP! So we starts explaining to the doctor at the private clinic that we doubting our scan in Singapore KKH and this and that and turns out the doctor said that there are doctors who is a doctor but majored in other part of science. In the private clinic(Sonobee Bukit Indah), the doctor specialist in Sonogram. She told us that many doctors in government sectors always neglect to measure the phantom bone. Turns out that our baby EDD here also set at 2nd March 2024. Now which is accurate? The private clinic doctor(Sonobee Bukit Indah) said that the most accurate scan is the detailed scan made in week 21. Our Specialist in KKH said that scans done privately is invalid. #EDD ##firsttimemom ##advicepls - I personally recommend all Singaporeans to do an Anternatal Detailed scan with any Sonobee outlet in Malaysia. The one in Bukit Indah had a doctor that specialist in Sonogram. She is small and petite looking but her understanding in sonogram and the way she explains is top notch very detailed. Did not get her name tho.

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