Describe your pregnancy in 1 word!
Blessed 💖
For first time moms, do you prefer normal delivery or CS?
Delivery room companion
Hubbies in the delivery room - yay or nay?
Mine was present through out the whole process of delivery ......yay😄
Do fathers really need to be in the delivery room during the birth of their children?
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I'm 17 weeks and not showing. People are starting to doubt I really am pregnant. This is my first. Is it okay to not be showing at 17 weeks?
its okay mummy !!! mine only start showing at 7+ months, yet still difficult to get maternity dress for work haha. at 17 weeks, you can still rock with that body 😉 just be more careful
Does your husband still give you flowers?
i haven’t received flowers from him,but he never fail to give gifts and bring me to dates when he have time and money☺️
What are things you should not say to a pregnant woman?
'humpty dumpty' 'fatty' 'lazy' 'pregnant only what' 'bump so small. sure or not 9 months pregnant. more like 5months ' 🙄🙄🙄
Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
yeap yeap and yeaaaaap.
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What keep you awake when you are sleepy?
Sleep position and leg cramps
Diaper rash diapers
Which brand of diapers will have no diaper rash?