Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?
Does breastfeeding actually help you lose weight?
depend la , ada yg ya . & x . hormon kot

Describe your child

What's the first word that come to your mind when you think of your child? Or children.
My everything
Hello, My wife is pregnant but it was not planned. We still want some time before having first baby. Her period date was 26th March and is confirmed that she is pregnant on 2nd April. Can she take pi
Hi sir. I hope you will keep the baby. I understand that it may not be planned pero sana po maisip nyo na may buhay na po yang nasa tyan ng wife nyo. Blessing po yan from God. Sana po you won't do any

Smart or happy

Would you rather your kids be smart or happy?
y not both? being smart is smthg te child is born wit. te kind of environment u put a child thru determines happiness
Which do you prefer, a stroller or a carrier?
How many times in the night do you change your baby's diaper?
Does your husband still give you flowers?
I prefer food or cash. 😂
Would like to know how long does it takes to have your period/menses back after giving birth?
Mine returned 2 days to my son's 2 months stay
what brands are you using for your little one's day diapers and night diapers? and what's the longest stretch you let her/his diaper go unchanged at night (assuming no poop just pee)?
When my LO was newborn, i used petpet for day diapers and mamypoko enxtra dry skin for night diapers. But after i finished my confinement, i change to drypers wee wee dry for day drypers and drypers t