Describe your pregnancy in 1 word!
For first time moms, do you prefer normal delivery or CS?
Moms, what's your favorite 'me time' activity?
Taking a warm bath! After having a sip of hot milk/hot chocolate. ☺️
Describe your child
What's the first word that come to your mind when you think of your child? Or children.
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Maybe I should not have had a kid?
Do you regret having a child?
Husband/Wife age gap
Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
what brands are you using for your little one's day diapers and night diapers? and what's the longest stretch you let her/his diaper go unchanged at night (assuming no poop just pee)?
I use BabyJoy, it's Japan technology. Even if it's soaked, the insides don't get mushy like other diapers. And since I have girls, I make it a rule to change diapers frequently. Max of 3 hours. If soa
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Not to say
What are things you should not say to a pregnant woman?
Comment on her body
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What is the one quality you wish your child to inherit from you?
What keep you awake when you are sleepy?
Movements nd kicking off the bby