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My LO is finally out! 👶 Sharing my story My precious baby boy Alfaro Sky! DOB: December 11, 2020 || 5:10PM EDD: January 7, 2021 Pre-term delivery via Stat CS I am diabetic. I have PCOS and just found out borderline APAS too. So this first pregnancy of mine is really such a big risk. Not only for my baby but for me also. Days before December 11, nagwowork from home pa ako, konting stress and puyat from everything. Nung gabi ng Dec10, I could still feel si baby inside my tummy kicking. Before I went to sleep bandang 11pm, yun yung last na nafeel ko siya. When I woke up around 5am ng Dec11, I was already worried kasi I haven't felt him kick or move. I told my husband, mom and even my sister-in-law, they said baka natutulog lang si baby. I tried to relax and wake baby up by shaking and poking my tummy pero ayaw talaga gumalaw. I felt it in my gut that something was wrong na and hindi na normal yung nangyayari, so I texted my OB right away and she called me back immediately telling me to rush to the delivery room. When my husband and I arrived sa hospital, dinala agad ako sa delivery room and minonitor agad yung heartrate ni baby and yung contractions ko. Turns out I had been in labor the past few days na and didn't know. (High pain tolerance) My OB did everything para mapagalaw ulit si baby sa tummy ko but to no avail. Ultrasound saw that while baby still has a heartbeat, he was not breathing inside my tummy. My OB eventually decided to perform stat CS. Sobrang surreal pala ng feeling while being prepped for CS and during the procedure, all I could do was to pray lang na iligtas ni Lord yung baby ko. Paulit ulit lang na prayers. I couldn't cry kasi i couldn't wipe my tears and I was shivering from the cold while muttering my prayers. Sobrang groggy ko during and after the CS. When they finished, they took me to an isolation room and hindi ko pa kaagad nakita si baby because my swab test result wasn't out yet. But before that, a nurse informed me that baby was brought to the pedia immediately because he was not breathing when he was delivered. The nurse assured me that my baby was already ok and that they will be monitoring him pa. After that, I waited alone in the isolation room for many hours, without any contact to the outside world, crying and praying that my baby is safe. The next day, around 3am, my swab test finally came back negative and nilagay na ako sa non-covid room. There, sinamahan na ako ng husband ko but I still haven't seen my LO because he was in the NICU. Apparently, since he was born prematurely, hindi pa fully developed yung lungs niya and could not tolerate room air. They also found he had Interstitial Pneumonia so they had to put him in an incubator and be given antibiotics. It gave me a hard time because I wanted to see and hold him so badly. I made sure na mabilis akong makarecover mula sa operation para palagi kong mapuntahan si baby sa NICU. But it wad so heartbreaking every time you see your baby hooked up in all these machines and apparatus, but at the same time, you know that these will help baby improve his condition. It was a very stressful week, between trying hard to produce breastmilk for your baby, constant visits to the NICU, and my husband's new work. But still, God is good because He answered our prayers thru the help of many of our family and friends who supported us, and by showing us that He keeps His promises when we trust in Him. Day by day, we saw our baby's condition improve, of course, with all the help of the nurses and doctors that monitor and care for him 24/7. Bringing my baby home today, carefully wrapped in my arms, is an answered prayer! And definitely a testament where I can say that God's plan will always be for the best of His children!

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My baby Sky 💕
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