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Experimental prototype app for parents and caregivers

Hello, My kid is now 9 months old. Over the past 9 months, I have found it difficult to keep track of baby records across so many caregivers. When I was just newly parent, the doctors would advise me to record down all the poop timings and its colour/texture on a booklet. As my kid has congenital issue, I often keep track of newborn temperature on google spreadsheet on my phone, which I share with my wife, so that we can input the values together. Our confinement lady also initially helped us with the recording. As our newborn had irregular poops and colour/texture, we also started snapping photos of poop regularly to keep track and show the doctor during visits. But the photos are on the confinement ladies phone and it's quite a chore to consolidate it. We had faced very similar issues with temporary babysitters, such as our parents, and also domestic helpers at home. When our parents bring our baby to the doctor, they don't provide all the details as some of the details are with me and my wife. We thought that maybe there should be a better way to consolidate all the records by having all the caregivers input them into a single app. The records will also be given to the caregivers so that they can show the doctors the history of records for them to make informed decisions. We spoke to some parents and they also share similar difficulties. I was wondering if any of you share similar difficulties? Some fellow parents have come together to see if we could create an app to help us parents. If we could gather some feedback at , we might actually develop this app. Please share your thoughts, so that we can decide whether or not this app will make sense to another fellow parent like you.

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