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Hi friends, my bay is 6months old .i am giving him hard food since 5months ,can I give him baby yogurt? Is it good for him? I bought some baby yogurt from tesco.
Hi parents, I want to buy baby cot bed for my little one so can u tell me which kind of cot I can buy for him 🤗m thinking about Argos but eBay is cheaper then Argos 👀Tnx
Hi parents... M baby boy is 5 months old. M giving him aptamil powder. But I want to know about trouble with thermos 😟m cleaning it every day but it's not proper clean can I clean it prop
Hi parents 🤗my baby is just 5months old n he is very smart n active so m worried about his food can u suggest me when can I start some food for him 🤔
hey mom, being smart and active is a good thing, right? :) i guess you meant that your baby, being so active, may go hungry with just breastmilk, is it? please let your baby only breastfeed for th